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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Catching Up...

Our home computer was out of commission for far too long, so we finally caved in and bought a new one.  (A really nice one, too!)  Now I can happily resume my blogging. :)

It's been a while since my last post, so allow me to quickly update you on what's going on around here. 

Stevo took his state board exam last week.  By passing this test, he will be licensed to practice Audiology in the state of Texas.  And no, we do not know his test results yet...ugh!  As soon as we know something, we will certainly let you know. 

The fall semester is in full swing at First Baptist Children's Day Out (CDO).  Ella and I go twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from about 8:30-2:30.  Ella LOVES CDO! :)  Her "Turtles" class plays, naps, and has music and bible story time.  She even brings home little art projects--Momma's favorite!  I currently teach the "Flamingos", which consist of eight kids, ranging in age from about 14-18 months.  They definitely keep me busy, but it's lots of fun! 

 Guess who is now crawling AND pulling-up?  That's right, Miss Ella Belle! I can't baby-proof the house fast enough....she is one BUSY baby!  I don't dare leave anything out that I don't want her getting into because she is guaranteed to find it.  As crazy as it gets, I'm glad I have a very curious daughter.  She seems to be a fast learner, too!

We have enjoyed doing things with our Sunday School class in our spare.  We started attending this class in June and are so fortunate to be a part of such an amazing group!  Despite the large size of the class, we felt welcome from the beginning and have had no problem getting to know other couples.  You'd be surprised how many others are relatively new to Midland just like us. 

That's what we've been up to in a nutshell. sure seems like there's more to it!  Oh well.

By the way, I redesigned the blog for fall.  Do you like it? :)


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